FLYING IN ON HELICOPTER.  Is an option if hiking is not.  But be aware they do not fly every day.   You can carry on most of your gear, if not all of your gear.

You can also pay to have your gear flown if you decide to hike and not wish to use a pack animal.  Costs are reasonable.

If you aren’t Flying, you are hiking.  If you are hiking, you are either going to have to backpack your gear, or have your gear transported by one of two services.  Helicopter or Pack animal.

If you decide to hike and don’t want to carry your gear.  You may choose to fly just your gear down on the Helicopter, as suggested above.  But only if there are flights the day you hike.  You also have to be concerned when you drop gear for the helicopter and hike down.  If flights get canceled due to weather before your gear is delivered, what are you going to do without gear?  Do they take care of it without pack animals?  Something to ask.

Your time table may get messed up actually Flying, or Flying your gear.  This could be due to several factors beyond your own personal control.

You can arrange to have your gear carried down via a pack animal.  There are costs and and possible delays.  Delays are especially a hindrance if you hike early and  arrive in the village or campground early.  But it will eventually arrive.

If you want control of your time table.  Also prime camp site selection early in the day,  Backpack everything in on your own back.