BILL FUREY Professional Guide Service

Bill Furey organizes and leads Havasu Falls adventures multiple times a year.
Grand Canyon /Havasu Falls
Make your adventure a truly unforgettable experience!

Bill Furey Havasu Falls Adventure – Group Photo

Sign on for Bill’s annual trip. Get on his mailing list. Bill’s trips sells out in advance of opening day reservations. Supai doesn’t start camping reservations until the first week day of February each year. Attempting to get camping reservations on your own is one frustrating process. Let Bill do the work for you. Sign up and enjoy the whole camping experience.  You will definitely get catered to.

For more information regarding this adventure – click on his Facebook page.

Note: from  We met Bill “virtually” while setting up our original blog and social media back in 2010.  Bill has been with us from our beginning.

We have benefited from his photos, as well as his knowledge.  He has been visiting this area long before us.  A friend of the locals of the area.  He has shared much with us and our readers.  If you are new to this trip or even a repeat visitor.  You may find joining up with a professional to handle the details is sometimes the way to really enjoy an adventure.

More info below in Bill’s words:

We are a hiking group out of Southern California – We’ll visit Supai / Havasu Falls / Mooney Falls / Beaver Falls / New Navajo Falls/ Hidden Falls / EAT Scrumptious meals / Make amazing new friends.

Nestled 3,000 feet deep into Havasu Canyon lies the land of the Havasupai. The area is known around the world for its bluish-green watered pools of Havasu creek and spectacular water falls. A perennial creek flows over three breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls and several smaller ones.

Havasupai means “people of the blue green water,” and is an actual Indian reservation. The towering cliffs and spectacular falls of this area are sometimes called the “Shangri-la of the Grand Canyon.” God using nature carved the dramatic grandeur of the Grand Canyon over time.

Our trip will take you into the heart of the canyon and out in five days. We’ll leave the rim and backpack 10 miles down to the Havasupai Indian reservation and on to blue-green waterfalls along ancient trails. You’ll hike with just a day-pack, while pack-horses or a helicopter carry your gear, to our campsite.

Our base camp is located in the shade under the cottonwood trees, where we’ll pitch camp, eat scrumptious meals and enjoy uplifting inspirations every morning. Each day we’ll take short hikes to enjoy the amazing greatness of this natural playground. By the end of the trip, the canyon will have worked its magic on you, bathing you in earth’s geological time. Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience because we take care of everything.