Bright Angel Trail – South Rim – Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Trail


South Rim -Arizona

This video clip actually shows a portion of the Tonto Trail

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The Tonto Trail is approximately 70 miles in length. 

The Tonto Trail begins on the South side of the Colorado River at Garnet Canyon on the western end.   It ends at Red Canyon on the eastern end.

Much of the trail runs along the Tonto Platform.  A plateau below the steep canyon walls that separate the Upper canyon walls, and yet another deep drop to the inner gorge of the Colorado River itself. 

From either the North Rim or South Rim, you would have to start on another trail to intersect the Tonto.  The Tonto Trail itself does not reach the top of the Canyon Rim.

The Bright Angel Trail, along with several other trails, intersect the the Tonto Trail