Burial grounds in the area are strictly off limits.  Visitors are not to enter them where ever you may encounter them.  Photographs are prohibited too.

The one most hikers will pass and have a difficult time not noticing.  Is located in the stretch of trail between the village and Havasu Falls.

As you continue downstream from the village you will be much higher than the stream.  It will be in a canyon cut way deeper than the trail.  There is noticeable evidence of a fire that wiped out many of the trees on the opposite side of the stream.  An area just downstream of Navajo Falls.

You will make a sharp turn to the left on the trail, and immediately start down a steep grade. At the bottom of the grade you will be more at level with the stream.  The stream will come up along side the trail on your left.

Ahead you cross a well constructed foot bridge over Havasu Creek…the water is rushing now to plunge over Havasu Falls.  The Falls which is not too much further ahead.  After you cross the bridge there is a steep bank on your left.  On a small plateau looking over the stream and trail, is a burial ground.  This is sacred ground.

Do not Accidentally or purposely get off trail and enter this area, or even take photos, out of respect for the wishes of the tribe.  Should you ignore this, it would be considered as disrespectful as it gets.  Expect to be escorted not only from the immediate area, but off tribal land.