CANYON DRY WASH – Switchbacks to Village

The Canyon Dry Wash area of the trail is a section between the base of the Trail Head Switchbacks, and the Grove of Trees area just south of the village.

Once you have made it completely down the switchbacks and have settled into the gravel bed of the huge dry wash.  You have put about 2 miles behind you.

For an additional 5 miles you will hike this wash at a fairly easy, but gradual downhill grade.  A very pleasant part of the trip.

You next landmark will be some huge slabs of rock right in the middle of the canyon.  At this point, depending on the time of year you might start seeing water seeps  in or along the trail.

You will eventually come to the area that a huge side canyon meets up from your right, with your hiking canyon.  This is the “Y” in the canyon.  On the way down you want to bear to your left at this intersection.  The trail is well defined.   That other canyon is the source of Havasu Spring and Havasu Creek.  That canyon is off limits to visitors.

At this intersection you have about 7 miles behind you and about 2 miles to go to the village.

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