It is our understanding the clinic in the village is for locals only.

If some of you readers have worked through an emergency situation while in the Supai area, we would like to know more details to post here.  Some injury like a broken bone or serious wound that required stitches.

To our knowledge, you are pretty much on your own should you injure yourself.  Be prepared to handle cuts and injuries on your own or within your group.

Carry first aid supplies and know how to use them.  Especially useful is knowing how to care for a serious wound to stop bleeding.  Something that would require stitches, and the first aid materials you should have along, for “just in case”.

Many suggest taking Wilderness First Aid classes.  If in a group it would be beneficial to have multiple people that are trained.

If something of a serious nature occurs, by all means attempt to contact a local ranger, tribal law enforcement, or attempt to get the injured to the village and flown out on the helicopter.  Depending on where an accident might occur, you might have to depend on yourself or a fellow member in your group.

It is also our understanding most (if not all) commercially organized groups have to have guides that are trained in Wilderness First Aid.  Some may have even more advanced training or skills?   In a real serious pinch you may be able to find someone willing to help?  Remain calm and think things through.

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