All any of us can say, that have been there, is… be prepared for an backpacking adventure trip of a lifetime. No matter what you read, nothing compares to the real thing. This area will provide you with a surreal experience you will remember the rest of your life.

This area is considered by many as North America’s top backpacking destination. It is visited by people from all over the world. With a 300 person limit per day it is difficult to secure reservations. If it is your first trip, or only trip, prepare in advance so you can enjoy it to the max.

Havasu Falls and the Native American village of Supai, is Located in northwestern Arizona, USA. In the Grand Canyon area, and just to the south of the Colorado River. As the crow flies perhaps 50 miles or so west of the Grand Canyon’s National Parks, South Rim tourist destination.

Havasu Falls, and some of the other falls mentioned such as Mooney and Beaver, are all on Native American Havasupai Tribal lands. They are not part of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Generally about a 12 mile, one way hike, to the campground area. This trip contains some grueling switchbacks right at the trail head. The total altitude change is about 2500 feet. Most of that happens at the switchbacks.

Spring and Fall is the favorite of many not wanting to endure the summer heat of the desert southwest. But those preferring to swim in the beautiful turquoise colored waters put up with the heat to enjoy the soak.

The water stays a constant 70°F (21°C) all year round. Summer time air temperatures can easily hit 110°F. Winter time air temperatures can hit below freezing. Being desert terrain there is often a wild swing between daytime and nighttime temperatures.

Camping reservations start February 1st of each season.  All reservation slots sell out in a matter of days.  Have multiple dates in mind when you call.  It is difficult and frustrating trying to call through on their phone lines.  Read more about this and know the ropes before the day rolls around to call.

In 2017 they test ran a on-line camping reservation system.   It was shut down in a short time.  In 2018 they successfully reserved camp via the on-line system.  Though you can still attempt to call in, the on-line system is the way to reserve camping.  Phone calls are often not answered.

To our knowledge as of 2018 all Lodge reservations are only made via telephone call in.