GossamerGear Mariposa 60

My current personal recommendation (but see May 2017 note below) on backpacks is a GossamerGear Mariposa 60. They have a unisex ergonomic harness for both men & women. The pack itself is less than 2 lbs. It is capable of carrying gear for 3 to 7 day trips. They also make a small version for kids.

May 2017 Update on the Mariposa. In 2017, I went rather pack heavy backpacking the Grand Canyon Area. While in the past I have limited my pack weight to about 20 lbs this year I was nearly 35lbs with the addition of cold weather gear, and camera items.

At 35 lbs, verses 20 lbs of pack weight, I cannot recommend this pack. I found it to be one of the most uncomfortable trips I have done. The lightweight waist belt did not distribute weight satisfactory. The un-padded arm straps basically folded and felt more like a rope, digging into the front of my shoulders. About 10 miles into a 12 mile trip I was in pain and constantly trying to adjust to get away from it.

For heavier trips I am now going to re-evaluate my choice. This pack will not be on that list for heavier loads.

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