The Grove of Trees is just beyond the “Y” Intersecting canyons, the trail bears slightly to the left.

You will hiking a portion of the trail in a canyon that has suddenly widened due to these merging canyons.  Larger sized round river boulders make it difficult to walk off the side of the worn trail.   If you meet horses running in this area, step off the worn trail.  They like to follow it too.  It may save you getting knocked down.

You will see tree’s up ahead.  The abrupt change from arid desert terrain.  To a grove of green tree’s.  Is a sure indicator in the desert that there is surface water, or water just under the surface.

Havasu Creek is flowing downstream from is underground source a distance up the canyon to your right.  (That canyon is off limits to visitors).

You soon enter the tree’s.  If it is a hot summer day you will certainly enjoy the change in the temperature.   From this point to the village you will enjoy the walk.

Havasu Creek will rush up along side the right side of the trail.  The sight of the pristine looking water is always a delight.

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