NAVAJO FALLS Waterfall Information

Navajo Falls (and we believe some call this Rock Falls) is the first waterfalls, close to the main trail.  The most prominent falls you come to, after you leave the village and start your trek to the campgrounds.

This again is the first falls, as far as being close to the trail is concerned.   There is another further off trail, up stream above Navajo.  That would be 50 ft falls.

The main trail at this point is fairly high up off the stream.  You can get off on several side paths that lead down to the stream and both falls.

Of any of the area’s affected by flash flooding, this has been the area most evident to me.  I made a trip one year just a year after my previous.  This waterfall had completely changed in appearance due to flash flooding between my two trips.  It is truly amazing how fast new travertine dams start forming, and creating the terraced pools.

Navajo – June 11, 2012