Quartzite Arizona – USA, is a huge snowbird community in the winter.  Nearly a ghost town during the hot months the rest of the year.  Permanent residents of about 3500.

An annual winter haven for tens of thousands that flock to the area to escape the colder northern states of USA, and Providences of Canada.  Some estimate the winter RV city that springs up has around 100,000 RV’s of various sorts.

For the most part camping boodocking style on surrounding BLM public lands.

Some estimates indicate the area attracts over a million people annually.

You can find anything from a million dollar class A recreational vehicle, to the converted school bus sporting solar panels.

There are flea markets, major RV shows, popular bloggers streaming webinars.

We would love to share others photos and stories about Quartzite.  Our goal is to provide a more in depth page filled with information.

Though we are only about a 6 hour drive away, we have yet to make a visit during the peak season.