The Answer is a definite YES!

CAMPING Rates and Info
LODGE Rates and info

You are not able to access the area without a reservation.  There are no day hikes.  No way to show up unannounced.  The camper check-in and payment office is about a 9 mile hike from the Trail Head.  Rangers do check you on the trail.

You need to first decide whether you are sleeping your night(s) in the Campground, or sleeping your night(s) in the Lodge in the village of Supai.  Nightly Rates Differ and are charged per night.

In addition to your Camping or Lodge Overnight costs charged per night, you will be charged additional one time fee’s.  There is a one time Entrance Fee, and a one time Environmental Fee.  There is also a 10%Tax on everything.

You need to call in advance and secure a Reservation.  Do not attempt to show up without one.

“Camping” type overnight access reservations for the entire annual season start being taken February 1st of each year.  They sell out quickly.

“Lodge” type overnight access reservations start being taken a rolling year in advance.  They sell out fast too, but not as quickly as camping.

As a Reservation you are required to have, at a minimum, at least one nights worth of staying in the Campground or Lodge,  plus the Entrance Fee, and the Environmental Fee.