Plan on anything you pack in, you need to pack out.  This includes any trash or food waste you generate.  Also any human waste that was not deposited in the composting toilets.

Practice “Leave no Trace“. 

Though there are dumpsters at the edge of the village, and sometimes small trash buckets in the composting toilets of the campground area.  These are not meant for visitors to dump their camp trash in.

You are suppose to be packing it out.  Don’t leave behind items on picnic tables or throw food and cooking waste on the ground

with the amount of people visiting this area, it would soon become a stinking dump.  It also causes the expense of someone cleaning up after you, and packing the garbage out to the trail head area, equating to future fee increases. Large increase happened for 2017 & 2018). 

If you aren’t mature enough to pick up after yourself you have no business backpacking into this area.