These unexplained subjects, are some of the things found in the Havasu Falls area that have no verifiable explanation.  At lease not when added to this page.   We update as info may become available.

If you have more photos, or can explain any of these with verified information, please note in comments.  Or better yet contact us via email at:   Info@toponautic.com

Photo courtesy of: Jason Ruff
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As most of us suspected, this was confirmed by one of the locals January 2018 to be graffiti.   This is a prime example of something NOT to do.

Would you want someone spray painting the front of your house with derogatory words?   Someone has done the equivalent here.

This is about as disrespectful as a person can be.  So against what this area is all about.

If you ever see something like this in progress please make a huge effort to report the people to a ranger or the camper/tourist office.

Photos of the person defacing anything, turned into authorities,  is greatly encouraged.