Use the links on this CAMPGROUNDS Index to display Campground information for the area you select.  Either within the Supai area on Tribal land (the campground you will eventually backpack to .  Or outside tribal lands.  Commercially operated campgrounds that are on routes leading to the trail head area.

   Tribal run Campground near the Village and Waterfalls.  After you hike down the trail about 12 miles.

CAMPING AT HILLTOP TRAIL HEAD? No Facilities for it.  Sketchy. Not recommended by many.  But seems to be no rules against it.  Read the cautions.

CAMPGROUNDS – NON Supai  Private Commercially Run Campgrounds in area.  Closest to Trail Head is about 65 miles.  Your safest, best locations, for sleeping the night before your backpacking trip.  Also good for the day you hike out too.