The die hard backpacker that only enjoys that style of camping….you may not appreciate this article as much as some.

But I venture to say many of our followers cross over into various other forms of camping. Depending on the situation, the weather, your age, your health, etc.

While I am pushing 70 years old I am still an avid backpacker and feel fortunate I have the health to still follow that passion. Though my pack weight is considerably less, and my daily trekking has been tapered down to about 12 miles. I often believe my health has benefited from a lifetime of backpacking and being outdoors.

Through the years I have also Car Camped. I have had various types of commercially built RVs. Van’s, Class C’s, and even a Class A. They are all enjoyable in different ways.

My latest camping vehicle is a Cargo Conversion Trailer. A DIY project I did on a new 2011 trailer. It is still serving me well. There is much to be said about having your own toilet and shower along. LOL

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All of this leads me to the subject of this blog post. Buckskin is a State Park in Arizona that sits on the bank of the Colorado river. Actually the official name is Buckskin Mountain SP. Years ago we were invited to join in some annual festivities by a group that meets there every December.

We attended the annual Arizona Roundup Vintage Trailer Rally this past weekend (December 6,7,8, 2019).   The rally was at Buckskin Mountain SP, near Parker, Arizona.  About a 45 minute drive from the more recognized, or more famous snowbird community of Quartzite, Arizona.

People from all over the USA and Canada migrate to this area for the winter months to enjoy the warmer climate. Escaping the colder north. Campgrounds and even open land boondocking area’s are often filled to capacity.

This annual Buckskin weekend camp out is attended mostly by an established group membership.  Years ago we got an invitation and decided to try it.  We have been going ever since.

A group of us from Las Vegas, not original members, attend as an annual get together.  We also share some friendships with people from California, Arizona, Utah, and more distant places.  A time to catch up, outdoor cook with each other, and share a campfire each night.

The original group is mostly teardrop trailers and vintage trailers, as well as vintage tow vehicles.  Fortunately the original group seems to welcome anyone that loves camping.

Some years the campground is sold out for this event a year in advance.  December of 2019 was the first time I saw an abundance of open campsites and an apparent decline of regulars attending.  I personally reserve for the next year while I attend the event. I have already for the 2020 event.

©Rick Beach -Buckskin Mountain SP, Arizona

Saturday midday is always the communal potluck at the picnic pavilion that overlooks a beautiful section of the Colorado River.   A time to swap stories with anyone that attends.  The food is always good and too much!

This year we had relatively cool weather, and some rain.  Not overly cold though.  I must admit one day we had to duck under awnings most of the day to stay dry.

The rain managed to hold off for the most part so we had a campfire each night.  During the day most of us did some hiking, photography, sat around and relaxed, checked out vintage trailers and vehicles, or did some Dutch Oven Cooking.

If you are interested in this event find the “Arizona Round-Up” group on Facebook.  They always meet at Buckskin the first Saturday weekend in December.  There are often vintage trailers or tow vehicles for sale.  I leave my wallet at home.  There is way too much eye candy.  I might buckle in a moment of weakness.  LOL!

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