Going Solo on a backpacking trip, is asked often. Asked by both Male and Female. The Young and the more broke in. To answer this in general, and to the general population out there. We asked the valued opinion of well seasoned Backpackers. The type that are not extreme or overly macho. The consensus is it is definitely NOT recommended.

Beyond the opinion of fellow backpackers, going Solo is never recommended by level headed experienced outdoors people, search and rescue, first responders, or law enforcement. This applies to any backpacking, and hiking remote locations in general.

If a person could predict when something might go wrong, no one would ever have an accident, or end up getting killed.

This type of activity can present serious unpredictable hazardous. You can’t predict what nature will throw at you, what kind of wacko person you might stumble into, or what kind of accident or medical crisis you may suffer. There is safety, security, and support in numbers. Numbers meaning; more than one!

Have I ever solo backpacked? I have to admit, I have. I have done a section of the Pacific Crest Trail as a solo backpacker. Believe me I attempted to fill passes I had, with at least one other soul.

PCT – Ansel Adams Wilderness – Eastern Sierra’s, California
Somewhere between Agnew Meadows Campground/Trailhead & Thousand Island Lake

I remember starting off on that PCT trip. My own personal argument played out in my head. I fully accepted the fact many bad things could happen. Even simple things, in that remote area, that could all lead to serious outcomes including death. But I accepted the risks and decided I would face what might come to be.

Some stuff did happen on that trip. Nothing that ended up leading to anything serious or life altering. But would I recommend doing solo backpacking trips? My response would be a big NO!

For a short story on the subject see “The Wrong Place at the Right Time”.