This is listings of known Guided Services that asked to be added to our website.

We understand starting the 2019 Season, Organized Commercial guide services no longer have access to secure reservations or guide groups.  For now we are graying out out old info and marking it for future deletion.

BG WILD  Guided Havasu Trips
BILL FUREY  Southern California+Transportation
Havasupai Adventure Gatherings/Yoga/Meditation

Do your own homework when it comes to groups and guide services. We only list. Do not get the impression that we have vetted or vouch for any services listed.  You are totally responsible for any contract and payment you agree to.

Guide services, to our knowledge, are supposed to meet Tribal requirements and approvals to bring organized groups into the area.  In many cases they have guides trained in at least “Wilderness First Aid” and may even carry higher credentials?

If you desire to know if they are approved by Tribal authority you would have to contact someone down in the Village of Supai.  Perhaps the
Camper/Tourist Office?

These guide organizations take the reservation process off your hands.  In some cases providing meals, gear, and gear animal transport arrangements.  But do not expect to pay normal entrance and camping rates.  They do charge a premium for their services.  Rightfully so.