The Closest Hotels to the Trail Head Parking area

These are Hotel choices to stay the night before.  Nearby Campgrounds are also available.

These Hotels are about an hour to over 2 hours away from the Hilltop Trail Head parking area.  But there is nothing closer than the final 60 miles or so.  That final 60 miles takes close to 1h 30min for most safe drivers.

Rest in comfort the night before your trek.  Drive the final 60 miles at sunrise.  Avoid driving the road, RT# 18, in the dark.  There are lots of open range animals/cattle on the road.

These are also places to stay on the trip back home.  Recover rather than sit and ride in a vehicle for hours after a strenuous hike up the switchbacks.

I have personally done the Havasu Falls trip numerous times.  Some suggest sleeping in their car at the trail head parking area.  I have done that too.  Sleeping in your vehicle might be half way doable with a van or pickup truck.  I truly do not recommend it even then.

After trying it all different ways the Parking lot is my last choice.  This is such a beautiful backpacking trip.  It is no fun starting out tired and cranky.  Of course about the time someone like myself makes a statement like this, someone will say sleeping in the parking lot is great.

To that thinking I can only respond “experience is a great teacher”, and “to each his own”.  May you enjoy whatever choice you select.

Grand Canyon Caverns Motel/Inn and Campground
(9 Miles east of Peach Springs on RT 66).  Near the turn off the #18.
Mile marker 115 AZ-66
About 60 miles before the Hilltop Trail Head to Supai & Havasu Falls Area.  Great if coming from either the east or west.
Current Yelp rating 4 stars (2/6/2019)

Hualapai Lodge
900 Hwy 66, Peach Springs, AZ 86434
Sort of upscale for its location but some complain about the trains that run real close and blow their horn at the crossing.  Solution: Ear Plugs! 
Great for coming from the west or the east.  If coming from the east this would cause a few miles of backtracking (less than 10 miles).   About 65 miles from the trail head.
Current Yelp rating 3 1/2 stars (2/6/2019)

Supai Motel
22450 Old Highway 66
Seligman, Arizona
(928) 422-4153
(Don’t Confuse this with Lodge in the village of Supai – They are not the same)
For those of you coming from the east.  About 100 miles from the Trail Head.
Current Yelp rating 4 of 5 stars (2/6/2019)

Aztec Motel and Gift Shop
312 E Chino Ave
Seligman, AZ 86337
(928) 422-3055
For those of you coming from the east.  About 100 miles from the Trail Head.
Current Yelp rating 5 of 5 stars (2/6/2019)
Website: Unknown

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