Seligman Arizona was once the part of the homeland of the Native American Havasupai people.  The Havasupai at one time had a settlement in this very area.

In more current times Seligman is on the original Route 66.  In recent years Interstate 40 bypassed the town a few miles away.  Traffic for the most part no longer passes through town.

The town still vies for tourist dollars to exist.  Now a small town of about 500 people.  If you stop and take some time, photo ops abound in every direction.  Old vehicles, Elvis, Burger joints, Frozen Custard, Road Kill Cafe, Gas stations, and a KOA Campground on the east end of town.

If you are traveling via old route 66 from the east, on your way to  Peach Springs, you will pass through Seligman.   You can also continue traveling west through Peach Springs and eventually hit  Kingman Arizona.  All on a section of old RT 66.

West of Peach Springs you will pass by the Hackberry General Store.  Talk about another photo op.  Be sure to stop!