Information on Showers, Toilets, Pit Toilets or Composting Toilets.  The finer amenities of backpacking.

A word about TP.   Anyone that has camped or backpacked knows you always carry your own TP (Toilet Paper) .  Not only do you carry TP in your pack, you make sure you carry it on your person when you make a trip from your campsite, to one of the composting toilets.

I must say that normally the stalls are well stocked.  But certain days of the week, and when larger groups are camping the camp provided TP can disappear fast.  So as a precaution, act like when you gotta go, they are going to be out!  It will save you the trouble if they are.

Showers are only available for those staying in the LODGE

There are no shower facilities for Campers/Backpackers

Stream Bathing
This is not OK

Click this link for more info on Stream Bathing

Real toilets are available for those staying in the LODGE.

Real toilets are available in the CAFE during normal hours (No Showers)

Pit/Composing Toilets
Pit or actually the Composting type Toilets are available at the Hilltop Trail Head Parking near the actual Trail Head where you start down the switchbacks.

Several Composting type Toilets are located in the Supai area Campground between Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls.

There is no running water to wash hands.  No mirrors. No counter.

These are composting type.  After you do your business you have to scoop a hand full sized amount of wood shavings and drop it through the toilet hole.

There is no place to leave trash. Do not put trash down the toilets. Do not leave trash near or in the buildings. You are suppose to pack your trash out. This includes female products. Come prepared for this.

While they normally have TP supplied don’t bet on any being there.  Better safe than sorry!

There is no electric in the campground so a night visit requires a flashlight for your trip.  Don’t step out of your tent at night and do your business on the ground or in a bush.  No “cat” holes. Too many people visiting!  Take the time and effort to use the toilets!

Composting Toilet in the Campground


This is a “Pack it in – Pack it out” area. Practice “Leave no Trace”. Do NOT bury TP, poop, and preferable urine. If you are on the trail or can’t make it to a toilet, use a WAG bag. Pack your waste out.

Click this link for more detailed info on WAG Bags.